SL-240    24,000 lb. Capacity

"Swap" bodies within minutes.

The SL-240 SwapLoader hook-lift hoist is the
perfect choice for the construction, waste,
municipal, and material handling markets, to
name just a few.  Get more out of just one truck
with a SwapLoader hook-lift hoist.  The SL-240
is designed for a short wheelbase chassis,
giving you tremendous maneuverability and
strength in a very tough, economical package.  

A SwapLoader hook-lift lets you "swap" bodies
in a matter of minutes, all from inside the safety
and comfort of the cab.  This allows you to use
one truck as a flatbed, dump body, van body,
water tank, spray tank, etc.  SwapLoader
hook-lift hoists are covered with an exclusive
3-year warranty.  

Call 1-866-433-2075 or contact
for more information.  
Versatility plus unequaled productivity.
  • Powerful hydraulic cylinders
  • Operator friendly controls
  • Reliable smooth performance
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Low-pressure hydraulics
  • Improved cash flow
  • Quality built-in, not added on
Put the power where you
need it, when you need it!