SL-95   9,000 lb. Capacity
Swap truck bodies quickly and easily:

The SwapLoader hook-lift hoist lets you
mount and dismount truck bodies (flat
beds, dump bodies, vans, sand/salt
spreaders, water tanks, waste and
recycling containers, adn more) without
leaving the cab of your truck.
Increase productivity and profitability:

One truck equipped with the SwapLoader
hook-lift hoist reduces the need for a
large fleet of trucks.  One truck equipped
with a SwapLoader hoist can carry many
different bodies and perform many
different jobs.  

  • SwapLoader can pick up pre-loaded bodies.  
  • The SwapLoader hook can engage an A-
    frame mounted body up to 60 degrees off
  • SwapLoader operates as a mount/dismount
    system and as a true dump truck with 58
    degree (SL-95) dump angle.  
  • SwapLoader hoists are available in 9,000 to
    65,000 lb. capacities.
  • SwapLoader hoists accommodate truck
    bodies from 10 to 24 feet in length
    depending upon the model of hoist under