Pictured here is a custom
33' Dovetail Flatbed with a
specially designed,
hydraulic powered, folding
ramp/tailgate.  This bed
was built to haul golf cars.
This is a custom service bed we
created for a local company that
works in the rail yard.  Their trucks
tend to get bumped around quite a
bit, so we installed deflector bars on
the cabs.  The floor of the bed was
treated with Rhino Coat
to prevent slipping.  
Our Work
These pages contain pictures and  
descriptions of our recent work.  
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We mounted this 22' Flatbed
behind the knuckleboom
crane already installed.  Note
the different bulkhead than
our other flatbeds.  

We can build any bed
to suit your needs!
This is a custom Western
Hauler Bed we've recently  
installed on a Freightliner.
This is another
longer Western
Hauler Bed we
put on a 4-door
This is a 24' custom
flatbed we just fabricated
for a local truck
You name it and we
can build it!
Here we have a black stake
side bed built onto a 4 door
To show the versatility and
variety of beds we build,
here is another stake side
bed but with a pump and
hose reel system on the
bottom.  This one was
custom designed for a local
oil company.