SL-330    33,000 lb. Capacity
"Swap" bodies within minutes.
Versatility plus
unequaled productivity
The SL-330 is the perfect choice for
construction contractors and public
works departments who are interested in
getting more for their budget dollars.  A
SwapLoader hook-lift lets you "swap"
bodies in a matter of minutes, all from
inside the safety and comfort of the cab.  
This lets you use one truck as a flatbed,
dump body, van body, water tank, spray
tank, etc.  
The SL-330 provides big
machine power and durability in
a compact unit.

SwapLoader gets the job done
with low-pressure hydraulics.

Improve your cash flow using
one truck with many bodies
  • Powerful hydraulic cylinders
  • Operator friendly controls
  • Reliable smooth performance
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Quality built-in, not added on
The SL-330 hook-lift hoist is designed
for the customer who needs flexibility.  
Able to mount on a single or tandem
axle truck, it's compact design offers
excellent maneuverability with
tremendous capacity.

With 33,000 lb. dumping capacity and
the ability to accommodate 14 to 18 ft.
bodies, the SL-330 is a winner.