Services We Provide

First and foremost, we are a truck paint & Body shop.  We
do all kinds of repairs to trucks and truck bodies.  

Our current economy has shown us that there is a serious
need for our services to help truck companies make the
best of their existing fleet of trucks.  We are doing alot of
swapping bodies from an older chassis to a new chassis.  
This enables the customer to keep working and not have
the expense of a new truck.  We can swap any body you
have to a different truck.  We'll even talk to you about
taking your older truck in trade to offset some of the costs.  
Give us a call and we'll be glad to discuss some options you
may not have thought of yet.

We build truck bodies to customer's specifications as well as
Mabar dump bodies, lift gates, cranes, grain beds,
etc.  We can do just about anything customers need done
to their trucks.  

We also buy, sell, and trade used trucks and trailers.  We
regularly run ads in Truck Trader and Payload magazine.  To
see our current listings, go to our
For Sale page.   

We are also the regional distributor for
hook-lift hoist systems.  This is a wonderful innovative
product that adds versatility to just about any truck.  You
can keep your existing truck, add a swaploader and only
need one driver for many jobs!

Our latest addition is the
Liftmoore Crane line.  These
cranes can be mounted to your truck bed and can lift up to
10,000 lbs.  With your choice of electric or hydraulic models,
the possibilities are endless!
Please feel free to contact us via e-mail at or call us at
1-866-433-2075.  We will be glad to assist you.
Mabar Dump Bed Dealer

Harsh Hoists

PullTarp Tarping Systems

Muncie Power Take Offs

Chelsea Power Take Offs

SwapLoader Hook Lift Hoists

Liftmoore Cranes

Body Swaps

Custom Dump Beds

Custom Flat Beds

Lift Gates

Van Bodies


Grain Beds

Lengthening and Shortening Frames

Custom Built Trailers

Remove Sleepers

If you can create it, we can build it!