Our most recent customer trying out his new
SL-180 to unload his 18' waste container
SwapLoader Model Specifications For All Models
These SwapLoader hoists are
favorites for landscapers, waste
haulers, small equipment dealers, and
more. They are ideal for trucks under
26,000 lbs. GVW. No CDL Required!
SL 95                     SL 145                       SL180
SwapLoader’s 200 series
units are leading the pack
when it comes to hauling
construction debris, roofing
materials, or waste
SL220                SL 222                SL 240
The SwapLoader hooklift hoists
specifically designed for municipal,
county and state government
applications are also naturals for the
construction industry and waste
haulers. This innovative line dominates
this market because of its
unsurpassed efficiency and versatility.
SL 2418 HD                  SL 330                    SL 400
Designed to be used with
tandem axle and larger trucks,
this family of SwapLoader large
hoists continues to command the
industry. Massive, productive,
safe-to-operate, strong, yet
lightweight and agile are
adjectives used every day by
operators of these large hoists.
SL 375      SL 405     SL 505     SL 545     SL 650
  • SwapLoader operates as a mount/dismount system and as a true dump truck.  A high dumping
    angle assures the user of the ability to dump any and all loads quickly and efficiently.  
    SwapLoader hoists include a safety valve to prevent jib operation in dump mode.  

  • SwapLoader hook-lift hoists are available in 9,000 to 65,000 pound capacities and will
    accommodate truck bodies from 10 to 24 feet in length.  This means there's a SwapLoader
    built just for you and your demanding jobs.

  • The Low Pressure Hydraulics provide the operator with hydraulics that are compatible with
    locally available hydraulic motors and cylinders.

  • Dual Lift Cylinders give added stability and the surety of dumping safety and convenience.  

  • SwapLoader's unique Slide-Through Body Lock design secures the body to the hoist
    whenever dumping the load.  The Sliding Jib, in conjunction with the Slide-Through Body
    Locks, gives ease in maintaining proper weight distribution while dumping heavy loads.  

  • The Dual Pivot Rear Section assures the ability to handle the heaviest loads with the
    SwapLoader hoist secured in the body locks when in the dump mode.  

  • A 4-year test program with zero defects is conducted on all new models.  This rigorous
    testing assures you that no SwapLoader model is put on the market before it measures up to
    SwapLoader's exacting quality standards.  

  • Exclusive three year warranty demonstrates our assurance to you that you can depend on
    SwapLoader quality.  
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