SL-375 & SL 505  
More for your money...
The SL-375 & SL-505 Hook-lift hoists are part of SawpLoader's
heavy-duty line.  These hoists are ready to take on the grueling
workloads that the roofing, recycling, and large construction
industries know how to dish out.  Make fewer trips by boosting
your hauling capacity with these heavy-duty SwapLoader

  • Accomodates truck bodies from 19 to 24 feet in length
  • Low-pressure hydraulics and unique slide-through body locks
  • Dual rear pivot and dual lift cylinders
  • Operates as a mount/dismount system and as a true dump truck
    with a 57 degree dump angle.

         ...more strength, more capacity.
Increase productivity
and profitability:
One truck equipped with the
SwapLoader hook-lift hoist reduces the
need for a large fleet of trucks.  
SwapLoader hook-lift hoists can carry
many different bodies and perform
many different jobs.
Swap truck bodies quickly
and easily:
The SwapLoader hook-lift hoist lets you
mount and dismount truck bodies (flat
beds, dump bodies, vans, sand/salt
spreaders, water tanks, waste and
recycling containers, and more) without
leaving the cab of your truck.