These pages contain pictures and  
descriptions of our recent work.  
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We added a 3rd axle to this
beautiful truck.  We also
installed the HUGE 18'
dump bed and completely
rigged it out.  This was a
custom job for a company
in Montana
If you are interested in
anything like what you've
seen on our site, please
feel free to contact us
for a free quote.
We'll be happy to put one
together for you!  
This custom built Martin
chipper bed belongs to the
City of Fort Worth, Texas.  
We do municipal work as
well as private.  
Our Work
This is a long-time customer
at Martin Truck Enterprises.
 On the left you see his new
Mabar Bed we recently
installed.  On the right is his
Mabar bed we installed
about 10 years ago!  Talk
about durability!  With the
high quality steel in these
beds, your truck will
continue to work for you
for decades!
We built this custom 24'
Trash Bed and installed it
behind the Prentice Loader
for the City of Florence, AL.
This is one of our Mabar
dump beds installed on a
Peterbuilt.  It's painted a
very deep maroon color
which we matched to the
trucks existing cab and
These are trucks we rigged for
the State of Texas
Department of Transportation.  
Each one has to be exactly
the same as the last.