More for your money...
The SL-650 retains the great benefits built-in to all SwapLoader
you need serious power for those seemingly impossible jobs,
look no further.  

  • Accommodates truck bodies from 20 to 24 feet in length
  • 65,000 lb. lift capacity
  • Low-pressure hydraulics and unique slide-through body locks
  • Dual rear pivot and dual lift cylinders
  • Operates as a mount/dismount system and as a true dump truck
    with a 57 degree dump angle.

            ...more strength, more capacity.
Increase productivity
and profitability:
One truck equipped with the
SwapLoader hook-lift hoist reduces the
need for a large fleet of trucks.  
SwapLoader hook-lift hoists can carry
many different bodies and perform
many different jobs.
Swap truck bodies quickly
and easily:
The SwapLoader hook-lift hoist lets you
mount and dismount truck bodies (flat
spreaders, water tanks, waste and
recycling containers, and more) without
leaving the cab of your truck.